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Mix: Koloah - Promo Mix

If you know Crim productions then you should know his second alias - Koloah. Meet ground shaking Ukranian future bass sounds. Influenced by both oldschool and newschool electronic music. Now it’s time for some little promo action. Short mix heavy loaded with 9 stylish tracks. Including brand new ‘I Can Dream’. Creative beats, fat basslines, touchy vocal cuts and sweet melodies - this is what Koloah sounds like at the moment. Enjoy!


01. Koloah - Love
02. Koloah - Back In
03. Koloah - Bulletproof
04. Koloah - 8 Bit
05. Koloah - Fucked Up
06. Koloah - Every Day
07. Koloah - I Can Dream
08. Koloah - In The Beginnin’
09. Koloah - Open Your Eyes

Koloah- Promo mix by Crim on Mixcloud


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